Best Online Casinos

Which of the online casinos are the best is obviously a matter of opinion. Personally, I have four favorites but I could not choose one of them as better than the others. I will list the most important things that online casinos must have, and show you how my favorites fit the need perfectly.

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These are the things you absolutely need in an online casino:

  • a good blackjack game that you will like to play
  • a free blackjack game so you can practice your skills
  • easy to use and navigate the online casino website
  • large selection of players and tables to match your skills and funds
  • safe and secure so you can bet money without worry
  • good customer service and support

These others are things that make a good online casino even better:

  • good games other than blackjack (we love it, but variety is always good — for instance, I must have a casino which lets me play plenty of online slots, wheel of fortune slots especially!) but there is such a wide range of online gambling games for you too choose from.
  • good sign-up bonuses to make the most of your online casino choice
  • good other bonuses to make the most of your membership

Based on all of those categories, after weighing the various factors, I chose my four favorites. Some do better at one category than another, but all score very highly and have one or two things that I could not do without.

  • Slots Oasis

    Funny thing that blackjack is so good at an online casino made for slots. They are in my best online casino list because the bonuses and customer service are as good as it gets. All the games, including blackjack, look really nice — and when I want to play something else, I like a lot of variety of great-looking and fun online ways to play casino games.

  • Rome Casino

    One of the best things you can do at an online casino that you can’t do anywhere else is play many games of blackjack at the same time. For this you need quick and stable software and Rome Casino is the best. They let you play every seat at the table, up to 20 hands at once! Challenge your multitasking and win big!

  • Cherry Red Casino

    Very nice-looking blackjack and great bonuses. That would be good enough but Cherry Red Casino is also one of my must-haves because you can either download the games or play them right there in a Flash version, which is perfect for me because I use many different kinds of computers in many places.

  • Crazy Slots

    Wins my choice every time not just because of their many good games and many good bonuses, but also for the best customer service ever. You will probably never have a complaint but if you do they will make it their business to make you happy again. I feel safer at Crazy Slots than anywhere else on the ‘net.

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