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Greetings! I love blackjack, and I hope to share my knowledge and love with you, my friends. After all if you can’t share something you love with the people you care about… Discovering online casinos was the best thing that could have happened to my passion, for I can now play casino games online to my hearts content. If I wake up at three o’clock in the morning with a yearning for blackjack, I can find a game online. I can start and finish a gameĀ  whether I have five minutes or five hours to spare. If my limit is five thousand dollars or five cents, I can find a table that will suit me at one of my favorite of the online casinos.

Deal: in blackjack, the dealer and the house are one. Sometimes he has a deck, sometimes a shoe…but he always gives each player a card, and then himself, and then each player another card, and them himself once again (face down this time). When everyone has two cards the first deal is done.

The goal: to have the best total of your cards, but not more than 21. If you go over 21, you “bust” and someone else must win. You can never go over 21 on the first deal, but you can get to 21 (called Blackjack! even if no black or jack card is part of the 21).

Hit: this means the dealer will give you another card. If you have a very low number, you may say this many times in one round. But remember to stop before you pass 21!

Stand: this means you do not want another card. Very good if you are at 21, less good the farther away from 21 you have. For instance, 19 or 20 is pretty good but 11 or 12 is not so good. You should probably hit again if you are that low.

Double (double down): you like the first two cards you were dealt very much, and you think that only one more card will make your hand perfect. You think that the dealer does not have anywhere near as good a hand as you. So you’d like to double your bet, to make twice as much money from this hand.

Split: you have a pair, which is to say two of the same kind of card. This lets you choose to have two hands instead of just one, and bet once for each.

For example, you get dealt two sevens, which would be 14 usually. I don’t like 14, so I split them into two hands starting with 7. The dealer gives me another card for each: a 9 and a King. So I now have 16 which is better than fourteen and 17 which is pretty good all by itself!

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