Blackjack Tips – Online Strategy Card

When learning to play the great game of blackjack, the best tip that I could give is to know the fundamentals. Previously I have briefly shown you the basics, what it means to hit and stand, et cetera. Playing a game of blackjack with only that much information is still possible and fun; try one of the free games offered at the online casinos to see for yourself.

Play the free games at the online casinos as much as you can to practice your skills. You will find that certain moves are more likely to result in success than others. This is the basic idea behind blackjack strategy. Complicated mathematical calculations have been done to figure out all of the odds, but I will make it as simple as possible to understand.

One of the best training aids that I’ve found is called a blackjack strategy card (or sometimes, a blackjack strategy table or blackjack strategy chart — it all means the same thing). This shows all of the possible starting cards for you and the dealer, and what the best move will be for you. These tables usually look something like this one:

Keep in mind that this table shows the best move when the dealer is using one deck of cards (single deck blackjack) but the odds change when more decks are used. Since many or most casinos now use multiple decks, this strategy card is not meant to cover every situation, but it will give you a very good start and help you to see the patterns and best practices no matter what.

Other differences can show up from table to table and casino to casino (“house rules“) and you should know what kind of blackjack you are playing before you make your first bet and get in the game. Depending upon the house rules, a dealer may have to stand on a 17 or hit on a 17. Sometimes there are restrictions as to how many times you can split or double in one round. As you can see, these sorts of rules change the game considerably.

Many of the online casinos also have house rules, but the best online casinos give plenty of choice to the blackjack player. Especially in the free blackjack games, you may be able to choose which type of game you play, so try out different free games and see what you must do to adjust. But when it comes time to play for real, be prepared to play with rules that you may not like. So check the rules before you play, different countries, or different states and different casinos vary the rules slightly, but these small changes can make a difference of several percent in the advantage of the house.

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